Posted on April 25, 2017

Some of the new sewing machines

As reported earlier the new Skill Centre at St. Clare Centre for Girls is a positive asset at St. Clare Centre for Girls.   This three-story structure has a Franciscan sister who has a degree in early childhood development heading up childcare.

On the second floor the sewing and knitting room is active.   Here are new sewing machines, made possible by a donation from Steve and Elaine Bennett.  There is also a knitting machine, which will soon be assembled.  Here girls will learn sewing and knitting skills, which they will be able to use throughout their lives.  If they wish to get jobs as seamstresses after graduation, they will have the skills.  When Mr. Mutwiri visited shops in the area, he discovered there is quite a business potential for St. Clare.  Income could be generated because the girls will be able to make uniforms, not only for the St. Clare girls, but also for children in the neighboring schools.

Knitting machine

The top floor is a surprise as it was not in the original plans.  However, it is being planned as a computer skill centre.  The first step will involve purchasing tables so the girls can learn how to navigate the computer world.  Kenya’s government is purchasing tablets/computers for all the public schools, so Father Riwa decided this critical skill should be a part of the new Skill Centre.  This is Father, always thinking ahead.

St. Clare student demonstrating sewing skills