Recent St. Clare Grads Continue to Quarantine in Safety

Posted on July 10, 2020

As the lockdown continues in Kenya to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are happy to share this message from one of the recent St. Clare graduates who has been rescued from the Mathare slums to quarantine in safety. This has all been made possible by your donations!

Dear Mr. Bud & Madam Sue,

We can't stop thinking about you all and how fortunate we are to have you in our lives. We are glad that you always think of us.

Yesterday, Fr. Riwa purchased a new phone for one of the girls since she had a broken one and couldn't communicate well. So three girls have new phones and are really happy. Mostly they use them to look for colleges and learn more on careers. We have career talks during our chit chats and I am sure they can't wait to join higher education schools. 

The house is really huge compared to our slum homes. We have a piano near the staircase and I am trying to learn how to play it. The caretaker has a family too, which consists of two young boys age 5 and 3 and a wife. They are so humble and help me care for the girls  in case we run shot of groceries and fruits. 

Yesterday the president added 21 more days of lockdown. The number of infected patients is increasing every day. But we all believe that at the end of this huge tunnel there will be a brighter side and a new beginning for everyone. 

We don’t use the washing machine since it's broken. We love hand washing everything since our energy is still fresh. 

Thank you for sharing the pictures with the board and the donors,  kindly let them know that we really are grateful for everything they are sacrificing for us. Stay safe.

 Love & peace 

gilrs at Athi House dinner