Support Our Mission

The most urgent need is the rescue of thousands of orphaned girls trapped on the streets of Kenya. The St. Clare Centre is home for these girls, providing food, shelter and education. We need your support to help us house and educate as many girls as possible -- and save lives.

Your donation can also contribute to items such as:

  • $50 could provide books and writing paper for 4 girls
  • $100 could provide a year of medical treatment for 20 girls
  • $300 could provide one month of firewood for cooking
  • $500 could provide sponsorship of a girl for one year
  • $750 could provide fuel for the generator for one year
  • $1,000 could provide sandals for all the girls
  • $4,000 could provide food  for the girls for one month 
  • $9,000 could provide textbooks for the school
  • $11,000 could provide bedding, linens and mattresses

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