Asante Sana from the girls at St. Clare

Giving Tuesday 2017

Thank you, with all our hearts, to all those who participated in this year's GivingTuesday event! Your gracious donations and engagement will have a big impact on the lives of the young girls that Friends of Kenyan Orphans supports.

BUT, in case you were not able to participate, it's NOT too late! The water crisis, poverty and violence will still persist long after GivingTuesday. If you can, please consider making a choice to help the girls in Kenya during this crisis.

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Father RiwaWe support local organizations whose missions include not just rescuing young girls from the ravages of poverty and violence, but providing them a future and a voice in Kenyan society as best expressed by Father Riwa in this clip: 

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St. Clare Needs Your Help!

A severe drought has affected Kenya, worse than that those of years past, with many areas experiencing the absence of three rains in a row.  Thus, St. Clare has experienced a devastating crop failure.

Kenya is facing the worst humanitarian disaster this century. We are turning to you in this special appeal and asking you to assist us in purchasing food for the children at the St. Clare Centre in Kenya. 

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The Situation in Kenya

Imagine a life spent living on the streets, no guarantee of food or shelter, constantly threatened with physical and sexual abuse, and no access to education. Now imagine you are 10 years old.

This is the unfortunate reality for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused girls in Kenya today. Young girls (6-12 years old) are often forced to marry older men and must work as their slaves, laboring intensively, caring for livestock, carrying wood and water, and doing their husband's bidding.

Others are orphaned at a young age by HIV and tribal conflict or forced to run away from abusive homes and female genital mutilation – a practice that is still popular in some areas of the country. These children are targeted and sexually abused by both their older husbands and strangers who take advantage of their situation.

Unlike the government funded programs in other developed nations, there are very few, if any, places these girls can turn to for help in Kenya. Without the fundamentals to survive and the struggles and threats of everyday living, many live in a constant state of stress and fear. Their situation is dire.

Organizations like Friends of Kenyan Orphans provide the means for them to have a chance at a childhood, a life. We've experienced firsthand the impact a helping, loving hand has on the life of these girls. The laughter, singing and fun of being a young girl returns once they feel safe, cared for and are given a chance at a future.

These girls are strong and brave, but they can't realize their dreams without your help! You can provide support through a general donation or by sponsoring a girl directly.