Parish & Group Fundraising

A church parish or organization can become involved in many ways:

  • Invite a FOKO representative to speak.
  • Sponsor a child. Parish groups (such as the choir, a Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Groups, Bible Study, etc.) can sponsor one or more children as a team.
  • Take up one collection each year designated for Friends of Kenyan Orphans.
  • Add Friends of Kenyan Orphans to the charities you support if your parish practices tithing.
  • Invite Friends of Kenyan Orphans to apply for a grant if your parish or organization has a grant program.
  • Conduct fundraising activities. The parish school students, National Honor Society, or a religious education program can conduct activities or host events to raise money for Friends of Kenyan Orphans.

Please contact us to discuss how your parish or group can get involved!

A Real-Life Group Fundraising Example:

Eighth grade students at St. Luke Parish sell valentines for their Lollipops for Love mission project. Everyone in the school is invited to order valentines for students in their cohort or grade, for younger and older partners, kids that they babysit for, and good friends.

In less than a week, the students take orders, write out the valentines, tape lollipops to the hearts, and sort then deliver all of the valentines to the classes. In 2021, the 8th graders created over 2400 valentines.

Mary Anne, the teacher for the 8th grade class said, “We were very proud to donate the proceeds to Friends of Kenyan Orphans for the girls at St. Clare. We hope the girls know that they are in our hearts.”

Students in new tunics
Lollipops of Love student project
Lollipops for Love school project