Posted on June 30, 2017

Speaking to Bud and Sue Ozar, Jewel Lewis, the administration of St. Clare and 26 graduates/members of the class of 2016, Ann shared her gratitude. 

Ann now

“It is now 14 years since I came to St. Clare as a small girl.  Now I am a woman who aspires to make a difference in the world.  I have always dreamed.  I remember an early dream where I wrote it down along with my goals.  The goals were broken down into steps in order to help me develop a plan.  This plan was backed up with action so I could make my dream happen.  There were the times when I was about to lose hope, but I remember asking God to help me remember that His love is greater than my disappointments.”  

 “Life has not been easy for me, but there is one thing that I have never forgotten.  God stands by us when we are down.  It is then that He encourages us, guides us, comforts us and unites us.  This is a caring God who has helped me reach this point in my life.  I almost gave up when I was a form four student.  I felt no happiness, no joy.  I could not eat, sleep or even sit.  Everything was a blur; I detested everything including myself.  Life was knocking me down; I was quite ill.  I could not read and I could not study or even sit in my form four classes.  I barely passed, but I never gave up.  Even with all the struggles, I realized that I would survive.”

“My sincerest gratitude goes to FOKO.  Were it not for FOKO’s donors and support, I am not sure where I would be today.  Maybe I would be dead or even an unacceptable person in our community.  But I got through it because of FOKO.  I pray for FOKO’s donors every day.  Because of you, I now have the ability to go into the world, have a job and achieve my goals.”