Posted on September 25, 2017

Broadcasting in northeast Ohio, Living Bread Radio, includes among its programming, “Catholic Challenge.” This program focuses questions on the Catholic faith and winners receive funds for their favorite Catholic organization.  Recently the teen version took to the airwaves with two students, Simon and Liam, competing for Friends of Kenyan Orphans. 

Simon and Liam heard about FOKO from the Gerber family, who discovered Friends of Kenyan Orphans at Walsh College.  The Gerber children held lemonade stands, saved coins and used other creative ways to raise funds for the children in Kenya.  The family has a special memorial in the new St. Clare Life Centre honoring their deceased daughter, Evie. 

Simon and Liam won their first match, earning $200 for FOKO.  We congratulate them both and will feature more on them in our next post.