Posted on December 15, 2017

Exams are OVER!

Throughout the entire year, Form 4 focuses on national test preparation.  Years of preparation, hard work and worry go into these tests.  These exams are difficult and create much pressure.  So much depends on the student’s performance.  In a recent letter, Father Riwa noted, "The students in class 8 and Form 4 completed the weeklong national exams.  This is the most important for the girls in Form 4 who graduate this year because it determines which higher education institutions will accept them and what careers they can pursue.  I am confident our girls will do well for we are always the number one school in the area."

Dorothy, a member of form 4 shares some of her feelings about the exams.  She says, “It is a pleasure that we have completed our national examinations.  It is our prayer that all of us will join universities next year.”  Like her classmates, Dorothy is so grateful to FOKO for allowing her to be at this point in her life.  “I won’t forget to say thank you for the support you have given us for the past twelve years at St. Clare.  I thank all members of FOKO who work with to support  us at St. Clare.  I really appreciate all of you   I have nothing to pay you back, but my prayers for you are there.” As they await their exam results, we wish all the girls well.