Posted on December 10, 2017

Madam Kate in 2013 prepping for her classes at St. Clare

When she visited St. Clare in 2013, Kate Woods was able to spend time with the child she is sponsoring, Odilia.  Kate also met Stephania, a friend of Odilia.  Both Odilia and Stephania arrived at St. Clare from Samburu, the desert area north of Meru.  Kate taught both girls and was impressed with Stephania’s intelligence.  However, Kate noticed that Stephania has strabismus (a crossed eye) in one eye.  Kate fears that this eye problem was hindering Stephania’s sight and consequently affecting her ability to perform in school.  So Kate took action, encouraging the administration to get an eye examination and possibly surgery for Stephania.  The eye clinicians decided that Stephania needs surgery to correct her eye issue.  Blessings and gratitude to you, Kate.

Madam Kate with some of her students at St. Clare