Posted on July 30, 2017

Mike Robertson, FOKO Board Member

Mike Robertson, a Friends of Kenyan Orphans board member offers some take-aways from the trip he took with other board members to St. Clare.  Mike says that he came away with a real understanding of why people donate time and money to FOKO.  He notes that there are many worthy organizations, which focus on helping children but FOKO began with local involvement in Kenya.  These local groups are small and don’t get on the radar of large non-profits, but have worked with FOKO thanks to the efforts of Bud and Sue Ozar. He says, “Without FOKO, many children would suffer more.”

FOKO has pinpointed both individual religious and community leaders who are extremely effective at saving abandoned and orphaned children.  In speaking with various leaders of these organizations, Mike learned that with FOKO’s support, children being saved from malnutrition, illiteracy, trafficking and violence.  In addition, the economic role and position of women in Kenyan society has increased due to FOKO’s involvement.  As a result, Mike says, “Turning out future local leaders and contributors helps break the cycle of poverty” in Kenya.

Finally, the children aided by FOKO are incredibly grateful for any help they receive.  Mike observes, “Their faith and gratitude in the face of their hardships is inspiring.”