Posted on July 5, 2017

Rich chatting with some of St. Clare's girls

During his recent third visit to St. Clare, FOKO Board member, Rich Horrigan performed several tasks: he reviewed St. Clare’s budget to understand where funds are spent.  He also reviewed additional funding requests. One serious issue, the drought, emerged. However, as a result of wise planning by the St Clare team, foods have been purchased to last through May of this year. 

 Rich visited St. Clare in 2016 when he asked St. Clare’s leadership team to create a 5-year maintenance plan.  This year he reviewed the facility:  roof repairs, facility painting and tile repair.  Rich notes, “The facility looks great!.”  However, more roof repairs and painting indicate that maintaining St. Clare is an essential, but ongoing project. 

Rich enjoyed visiting the girls in the schoolyard where they shared thoughts on sports and school.  He found them to be “ happy and very curious".  They exhibit smiles and laughter even as they engage in hard work ranging from their classroom work to their school chores. What impressed Rich is the children’s happiness even though they have so little.  He observed how successful Form 4 graduates have been as they continue progressing beyond St. Clare.

Rich gathering information

Rich says, “FOKO’s support truly makes a difference.  By sharing a little of what we have, we can truly impact the life of an orphaned girl and make an impact on her future.”  

His main concern centers on FOKO being sustainable to support St. Clare in the long term.