Sponsor a ChildSponsor a Child

Your sponsorship will help children throughout their education. As a direct result of your sponsorship, students will receive a home, health care, an education, and a safe and caring environment where they will form lasting and trusting relationships with both adults and children.

You will receive communication throughout the year, and also the warm heart that comes from truly saving lives.

Through this connection, you will gain a first-person perspective of life in Kenya. The girls will know that someone across the world cares about them, is interested in their daily life, and wants them to succeed.

Sponsorship is more than a financial donation - it is an investment in the future of not only these children, but also in the future of Kenya.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several ways to make your sponsorship payments:

$500 one-time donation

Make My $500 Donation

$250 semi-annual donation

Make My $250 Donation

$125 quarterly donation

Make My $125 Donation

$42 monthly donation

Make My $42 Donation