An Interview With Mercy

Posted on May 4, 2019

An Interview with Mercy, former St. Clare student and recent Chestnut Hill College graduate


What did you most look forward to at St. Clare?

“Seeing my friends at school and sports.”

What would you say to a new girl arriving at St. Clare?

“Appreciate everything you are getting and be curious; read for fun, and be nice and kind; you will leave St. Clare but St. Clare will always be with you; St. Clare is not the end; live in the moment.”

Tell us about your arrival at Chestnut Hill College.

“I never thought of researching Chestnut Hill College or even the city. I visited the campus a few days after I had flown in from Kenya and my first impression was how beautiful the campus was. There was a certain calmness that made me feel that CHC was where I was supposed to be, and I was at home.”

What was your biggest challenge at Chestnut Hill?

“My first semester was a challenging being that I was adjusting to everything, i.e. Food, people, climate. I had never left my home country before so cultural shock was real.”

What did you most look forward to while you were a student at Chestnut Hill?

“I would say campus ministry service trips. Going on service trips changed my perspectives in so many ways but serving people made me feel at home. I also looked forward to attending courses that involved discussing global social justice topics.”

What would you say to a new student arriving at Chestnut Hill?

“The four years in college goes by so fast so use your time wisely. Keep your academic goals at the forefront but do not forget to have fun. Make friends, explore the city and get involved. In short, take advantage of all the resources and opportunities presented to you, you never know where they will lead you to.”

How did Chestnut Hill prepare you for the next phase in your life?

“Sr. Marie Kostka, one of our beloved sister of St. Joseph once said that ‘Chestnut Hill College will prepare you how to earn a living because you must, but you are here to learn how to live.’ I would say that CHC taught me how to live fully. The kindness I experienced taught me to be more kind. To be a dear neighbor, to notice the little things and to be grateful for them. “