Posted on October 5, 2018

Meet St. Clare's new Alumnae Association

At its first meeting, the St. Clare Alumnae Association elected class representatives who will assist the officers in maintaining the association’s network.  These reps include: Beatrice Gacheri (class of 2013) who recently completed a four year program at Meru National Polytechnic University, Teresa Naoki (class of 2015) who is currently pursuing a diploma in Human Resources at Meru National Polytechnic University, Dubin Kerubo (class of 2016) who currently is a first year student at the University of Nairobi, bachelor of arts program, and Damaris Kendi (class of 2017) who graduated from St. Clare in December 2017 and is waiting to enter Njeri Polytechnic to study social work and travel management.

Class 2 huddling to select its alumnae association rep