Posted on February 20, 2016

Building the Life Skills' Center

Discussing the site
Normand Peladeau and Father discuss the site
Bags of cement
The cement has arrived!
Measuring the site
Bud, Father Riwa and the contractor measure the site

And so it begins! Things have started moving along to begin building the new Life Skills’ Center at St. Clare Center for Girls. The Life Skills’ Center will house rooms where the girls of St. Clare will learning sewing skills, develop their knitting skills and will provide a day care center. These are skills that will prepare the girls for jobs once they leave St. Clare.

Normand Peladeau, a builder from Quebec, recently visited St. Clare to review the Life Skills’ Center’s plans. Normand has built several hospitals and is presently involved in a hospital expansion in Isiolo, a town 30 minutes from St. Clare. Normand approved the plans and also showed Father Riwa where the center could fit without taking down any of the precious trees there.

With the arrival of 200 bags of cement, the project is on its way. Bud, Father Riwa and the contractor have been busy marking the site where the new building will be built. Building is set to begin in March 2016.