FOKO Helps Rural School to Shelter Children From COVID-19

Posted on May 5, 2020

One site Friends of Kenyan Orphans has been proud to work with is in a very rural area in Kenya. The needs at this school are quite pronounced, even by Kenyan standards.

Our first project there a few years ago was simply to provide them with clean water. Since then, we have built two brand new classrooms and are more than 50% done with two more.

Since the Coronavirus arrived in Africa, the school, which had provided education and two meals a day for children from the village, decided to become a boarding school.

It is safer for the kids to stay on-site 24 hours a day than to go back and forth to their homes. This means they had to convert the church into a dormitory, and more than double their food stores and cooking.

The most important element of their miraculous work in the face of this pandemic is simply that they could ramp up the care and protection for the children because of you. They reached out to Friends of Kenyan Orphans and we were able to assist immediately because people like yourself donated the funds to do so.

Now, as those children eat, play, study and sleep in safety, it is the direct result of your donations.

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