Please Help Us Feed the Girls at St. Clare

Posted on September 6, 2017

Dear Friends,

Each year St. Clare produces much of their maize (similar to corn), which is the main food source in Kenya. As part of their education and training, under the direction of a teacher, the girls take part in the planting and harvesting. Usually the harvesting is a fun event for the girls, for they know this is their food and their security. In a normal year there is enough to feed the children.

Girls with Maize bags

This year there was no joy in harvesting. A severe drought has affected Kenya, worse than that those of years past, with many areas experiencing the absence of three rains in a row.  Thus, St. Clare has experienced a devastating crop failure.

The girls went through the fields, picking up the dried dead stalks, trying to find ears of maize which could be salvaged. High food prices are making it difficult for St. Clare to purchase adequate food supplies to with current levels of funding. 

The administration at St. Clare tells us “we are struggling to extend the little we have. We continue to reduce the amount of food at each meal. But now our storeroom is empty.”

Total Maize Harvest 2017 St. Clare needs your help. This is a photo of the total harvest this year. This withered maize is not enough to fill a bag.

Kenya has declared this drought a national disaster; aid in the form of maize is being sent to Kenya from other countries. Institutions like St. Clare are able to purchase this maize at a subsidized price of $25 a bag, but we must move quickly. Current prices are 10-25 % above their five-year averages and are expected to continue rising.

Kenya is facing the worst humanitarian disaster this century. We are turning to you in this special appeal and asking you to assist us in purchasing food for the children at the St. Clare Centre in Kenya. 

Crop failure due to the draught

Please accept our gratitude to you for walking this mission of love with us, with such compassionate hearts.

God love you,

Friends of Kenyan Orphans

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