Posted on March 26, 2020

Update from St. Clare Regarding their COVID-19 Plan

Madam Phaustine and GirlsMadam Phaustine, St. Clare's principal, reported on measures that continue at St. Clare. Though St. Clare remains on lockdown, she and Mr. Bernard are managing the situation. Since the teachers are not on campus, they email their lesson plans and activities to her, which she then presents to the students. From there, students have been taking examinations teachers deliver to St. Clare's gates.

Reflecting on the plan to keep the students at St. Clare rather than send them back to their home villages is rooted in the fact that home villages may not even be aware of the pandemic and thus not be taking necessary precautions. Phaustine is convinced the children are safer staying at St.Clare. Everyone at St Clare remains healthy!

Thank you Madam and Mr Bernard for your excellent care of the students.