Food has Long Been A Challenge for Orphans in Kenya 

As FOKO’s outreach has become more successful, we have literally more mouths to feed, an obligation we take very seriously.

At St. Clare the meals are taken communally in a well- oiled system of serving, eating, and clean up that is truly remarkable. The older girls wait to eat last, as the younger students queue up first. Meals are served in a single bowl from a window in the cafeteria from skilled and dedicated cooks.

The girls sit together at picnic tables, and when they are finished they take their bowl to the sinks right there in the cafeteria, wash their dish and spoon, and return it to the cooks to be used right away! The whole process rarely takes more than 35 minutes from the first girl getting food to the last being served.

The food is a highly nutritious mix of grains, vegetables, and an occasional protein. Potatoes and rice, along with gourds, peppers, and sometimes pasta are used in rotation and prepared in a traditional manner by the local cooks.

How do they feed so many girls so quickly and so well? With help from people like you. FOKO has provided new large cook pots, ovens for baking fresh bread on-site, and vegetable cutters which build a vegetable pantry right in the kitchen. All of this creates three meals a day which sustain our students’ bodies and minds.

bowls of foodCommunal Mealscooks in the kitchen