FOKO received the following update from St. Clare's administrator, Mr. Bernard.

"Greetings to all.  We are writing to update on measures we have taken to ensure the  children are not affected and not exposed to the virus.

Covid-19 virus seemed to be so distant and we could only relate to it through media but unfortunately on Sunday three people tested positive and the government had to close down all learning institutions across the country. We were instructed to release the students to go home  but Fr. Riwa had an immediate solution to that. The girls are safer within the compound of  St. Clare than them going back to their family members.

These are measures that have been taken:

-All the teachers were denied access to school, so structured learning stopped to avoid teachers moving in and out.

-The daycare was converted to a temporary dormitory for the five cooks.

-The two matrons and the two alumni volunteers too are staying indoors.

-Madam Phasutine (the principal) and I, are staying in SIena House to take care of the girls.

-The school gate is closed, with no visitors coming in the school compound. Even Sunday Mass is suspended.

-We have purchased enough food from the store to last for two months ( March and April), as we are hopeful the pandemic would have cleared by that time.

We are praying and believing the whole world will overcome this pandemic."