(L to R) Sue, Nancy G, Nancy K, Lydia, Irene

During their visit to Kenya, Sue and Bud met with Lydia, Irene, Nancy G. members of the first graduation class and Nancy K. from the second class from St. Clare. Sue had been the girls's seventh grade teacher so then stopped by to say both “hello” and “thank you.” The girls have been communication for four to five years with FOKO during their participation in FOKO's higher education program. They were happy to share their successes as teachers.

All the girls expressed thanks to everyone at FOKO who have helped them arrive this far in their lives and careers. As the first to participate in FOKO's higher education initiative, they are mentors for the younger students at St. Clare. In addition, they are encouragements for FOKO to see the results of the higher education support FOKO has offered to them.