Keeping Busy With Crochet

Our Founders, Bud and Sue Ozar received a note from a recent Higher Education graduate who graduated with a degree in catering. She is keeping busy crocheting during the pandemic; receiving orders for bags, mats and headbands. Her work ethic is inspiring to us all.

Dear Madam Sue,

Hello madam it's Good hearing from you am glad you all safe and sound. Am thankful to Almighty for His protection for we are all safe here at home together with my siblings. 

Recently we received a memo that opening dates will be communicated, meanwhile I have been keeping myself busy with crochet, I have really learned to love it and mostly this what I do. I have even started posting my products, it's pretty good coz am receiving orders from people.

So I got the capital from a friend who employed me to be her chef, it was a great opportunity for me because I was able to practice most of catering stuff and this definitely gave me the chance. I work thrice a week so at least am not too idle.

So that's how I have been coping with life since pandemic, before home was really really boring. I thank God for this, the job the orders for bags, mats and head bands that am making hoping that this will be part of my future part job along with my catering skills.

Am so happy to hear from you madam Sue, I pray that God continue protecting you keep you safe. Say hi to Mr. Bud.

Nawapenda Sana (I love you very much)

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