A few months ago we shared that we are supporting St. Lucy School and their mission to provide blind and sight impaired children with a regular K-12 education. One of our first orders of business, though, was to provide a young visually impaired boy with open heart surgery.

This boy is from a very large family. With lots of siblings and very few resources, the children were poorly fed, poorly nourished and poorly clothed. While visiting his village, one of the Sisters from St. Lucy discovered that this child had his heart beating on the surface of his chest and realized he was in pain. She brought him back with her to the school for an examination and discovered he had a severe heart issue.

We are happy to report that because of your donations, we were able to fund his open heart surgery and save this boy’s life. He is now resting at St. Lucy’s, receiving medication and proper nutrition to aid in his recovery.

Before and after - open heart surgery