We have received some information from Mr. Mutwiri, administrator at St. Clare Centre. Thanks to your donations, the children are safe and sheltering in place at St. Clare, and doing their best to keep up with their studies:

“The main challenge on our side has been to contain the children in class, since it requires more human labor than we can offer. However, we are trying our level best to help children learn.

I moved the television screen that FOKO bought for grade four to class eight, since they are the most in need of teachers because of the exams they will be taking at the end of the year.

The form fours are taking their classes in the computer lab, while the form ones and form twos are using the iPads that FOKO donated to St. Clare to attend online classes. Also we have two more projectors that we are carrying along to classes when need be.

Pri-primary one to grade two are attending their lessons in the library with the supervision of Reparn, a recent St. Clare graduate who is looking forward to enrolling in a higher education program this year.

Grades 3-7 are conducting group dictation where they discuss the topics in the course books and then are tested to determine the level of understanding in every topic.

I thank Our Almighty God, and we hope and pray all will be well soon.”

Girls Learn Remotely at St Clare