We recently received this note from a St. Clare graduate who has gone on to study Culinary Arts through FOKO’s Higher Education program; she asked us to share with our supporters. We think you’ll agree that this excerpt from her letter clearly conveys the gratitude and hope these girls feel as they receive specialized training to become a contributing part of Kenyan society.

"…I want to take this opportunity to first, appreciate you for all the favours and marvelous deeds you've shown me. Secondly, I would like you to confidently know that you're always in my innermost part of the heart as mentors and people of good will to me."

"I feel very relaxed and sorted by your hard work and self-giving. You've really come to my rescue through free giving and love. In my life I don't have any other friends other than Friends of Kenyan orphans (FOKO) and the entire St. Clare fraternity in common. You've made my studies possible and I'm promising not to take it for granted."

"I'm heading for my second term as a first year still. The good news from me is that my education life is running smoothly. I'm making efforts each and every day to come to the top. I'm a confident student of my own kind and not selfless. Currently I'm doing it to perfection. That is catering and accommodation courses. Life in the school has become like home. I've adapted quickly compared to the first time I joined."

"I received my funds from St Clare. With all my thanks and gratitude, I would like to share with you my joy. I'm very thankful and always committing myself to hard work every time I receive the funds. I feel great and just like the rest of the children in the world because it's you, FOKO who has made me feel favoured and great."

"With a lot of thanks from me I just want to praise you for your steady support to me. May He who gives always bless the works

of your hands."

May God bless you.