Posted on July 10, 2014

Father's Foods

During their visit to St. Clare Centre for Girls in February 2014, Bud Ozar and Rich Horrigan spent time seeing the tilapia ponds and other fishponds Father Riwa has developed with Friends of Kenyan Orphans’ support. 

Bud and Rich were pleased to see that over 90% of the ponds are highly successful.  In addition, Father is using two of the ponds to experiment with catfish.  These fish grow fast and are large. 

As a result, Father uses the fish to feed the girls. 

Bud and Rich also spent some time visiting the on-site greenhouses at St. Clare.  In these greenhouses different kinds of vegetables are growing which are then used to enhance the diets of the girls at St. Clare. 

Finally, they walked in the gardens where bananas, mangos and paw paws are also growing well.  Many of the mangos the girls eat come from the tree, which is the original spot where Father first began helping Meru’s street children.